The prayer house: A fight for Indigenous rights in Brazil

Jaguapiru village, Dourados Indigenous Reserve, MS, Brazil — The cracks in the walls of Floriza de Souza Silva’s home ran deep the day the prayer house came down.

They spread like tree roots, splitting the clay-like mud held in place by bamboo framing as the ground shook from the explosion across the rust-dirt road. The three buildings where the matriarch lived with her husband, Jorge da Silva, and parts of her extended family stood firm, but the oca – where many Guarani-Kaiowá Indigenous people living in and around the Dourados Indigenous Reserve came to pray – began to buckle, its thatched roof cascading to the ground.

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By Jill Langlois

Photos by Flavio Forner for Al Jazeera

Originally published online on December 2, 2020.