Coronavirus coverage

Why vaccinations for several diseases are falling sharply in Brazil (also in Portuguese)

Brazil once vaccinated 10 million people for polio in a day. What went wrong with COVID-19? (also in Portuguese)

Losing elders to COVID-19 endangers Indigenous languages (also in Portuguese)

Pandemic threatens half-century of efforts to protect rare monkeys (also in Portuguese)

‘Hydroxychloroquine tea’ is being peddled as a coronavirus cure in Brazil. It’s fake. (also in Portuguese)

As coronavirus sweeps Brazil, families only have 10 minutes to say goodbye (also in Portuguese)

São Paulo’s favelas are running out of food. These women are stepping in. (also in Portuguese)

Brazil’s vulnerable domestic workers cannot afford to get sick (also in Portuguese) (Listen to Jill talk about this story on KALW’s show Your Call)

Worries mount that southern winter may tighten COVID-19’s grip


Amazon gold mining drives malaria surges among Indigenous peoples (also in Portuguese)

History and culture

One seat, multiple representatives? A novel political idea takes off in Brazil. (also in Portuguese)

In Brazil, Indigenous people are fighting to keep their children (funded by the IWMF, also in Portuguese)


‘Lost’ treasure trove of fossils rediscovered after 70 years

Rare toothless dinosaur is an oddity among its carnivorous cousins (also in Portuguese)

Rare fossil of bone-crushing crocodile cousin found in Brazil (also in Portuguese)

Early meat-eating dinosaur revealed via spectacular fossil (also in Portuguese)

This desert-dwelling dinosaur balanced on single toes


Mysterious jaguar deaths now under investigation in Brazil (also in Portuguese)

Volunteers coming to rescue jaguars, other animals injured during Brazil’s wildfires (also in Portuguese and Chinese)

These baby rays are the first of their kind born in captivity (also in Portuguese)

How scientists got that amazing giant squid video

Former pet parrots breeding and thriving in 23 U.S. states

Friend or foe, gorillas groom their dead

How an ‘extinct’ tortoise was rediscovered after a century (also in Portuguese and French)

National Geographic Brasil (only in Portuguese)

Como a pesca pode ajudar a recuperar populações de pirarucu na Amazônia

Peças sagradas de religiões afro-brasileiras deixam guarda da polícia após 75 anos

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Far from home: One year after the fall of Kabul, Afghan women are attempting to build new lives abroad

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15 wishes for 2023: Trailblazers tell how they’d make life on Earth a bit better (including Dr. Miriam Viegas)

Is there mercury in the fish we eat? Amazonians tap WhatsApp to find out

Ukrainian refugees feel surprisingly at home in Brazil’s ‘Little Ukraine’ (listen to the radio story here)

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How a town tethered to coral learned to save its reef — and itself

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In Brazil, the world’s largest tropical wetland has been overwhelmed with unprecedented fires and clouds of propaganda (with support from The Starling Lab)


How Indigenous people are restoring Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

After two murders, a Brazilian Indigenous leader steps up his fight

A waterway project in Brazil imperils a vast tropical wetland

For the Kayapó, a long battle to save their Amazon homeland (with support from the Pulitzer Center)

An Amazon defender stands up for her land and her people

Land grabbers: The growing assault on Brazil’s Indigenous areas

An illicit trade in Brazil is sending tiny songbirds to their deaths

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Hunger is on the rise in Latin America while its food exports break records (also in Portuguese and Spanish)

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Brazil’s first transgender pastor: ‘All humans have flaws, being trans isn’t one of them’

‘Highway of death’: animals pay ultimate price on Brazil’s most dangerous road for wildlife

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COMMENTARY: Brazil’s Indigenous peoples see hope in Lula’s victory


After U.S., women in Brazil seek damages over birth control implant

OPINION: An indigenous woman and a trans woman will hold office in Brazil for the first time amid a conservative wave

OPINION: Brazil condemns violence against a candidate, but Marielle Franco’s killers remain free

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Brazil’s defender of the Indigenous brings their fight to the Shed

In Brazil, a museum within a museum restores a legacy

Fabric with powerful stories to tell (also in Portuguese and Spanish)

Brazil’s first indigenous curator: “We’re not afraid anymore” (also in Portuguese and Spanish)

Brazil’s protests, on and off the wall [photos]


Amid scandals, senior judge in Brazil suspends ex-president’s cabinet nomination

Protests across Brazil raise pressure on President Dilma Rousseff

Pickup soccer in Brazil has an allure all its own

In Brazil, streets of dancing cars and swagger

A laboratory for revitalizing Catholicism

After fire, some Brazilians fault a nation’s sense of fatalism

A brief but frantic struggle for victims of fire in Brazil

Frenzied scene as toll tops 200 in Brazil blaze


Why are purple martins declining in the United States?

In a first, scientists use drones to detect pregnant dolphins

Scientists identify seven species of spotted skunks, and they all do handstands before they spray

First evidence of parasites in dinosaur bones found

How sugar’s bacteria could point the way to more efficient agriculture

How studying bioluminescent creatures is transforming medical science

Researchers discover the tallest known tree in the Amazon

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Brazil’s Congress fast-tracks plan to mine Indigenous land for potassium, blaming Russia sanctions

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‘Held to ransom’: Pfizer demands governments gamble with state assets to secure vaccine deal (in partnership with OjoPúblico and STAT)

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Brazilians are turning to Instagram to identify far-right rioters

Brazil’s most vulnerable are struggling to survive the stress of covid


Brazilians are increasingly going hungry


The prayer house: A fight for Indigenous rights in Brazil (with video, funded by the IWMF)

Brazil’s double dose of vaccine inequality


‘I still don’t see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel’: Doctor struggles to keep Indigenous community safe as COVID rages in Brazil

The feminine appeal of macho populism (published with Foreign Policy)

The brutality of Brazil’s pandemic call centers (published with Foreign Policy)


Brazilian ex-president Lula released from imprisonment

In Brazil, land of beaches and samba, a sumo wrestling academy thrives

In a battle over land, a Brazilian homestead is demolished

Brazil’s highest court says LGBTQ discrimination should be a crime

Rio buildings collapse in working-class neighborhoods where militias hold sway

School shooting in Brazil roils gun debate, with politicians echoing NRA talking points (also in Spanish)

Former Brazilian President Michel Temer arrested in anti-corruption sweep

Who ordered the assassination of Marielle Franco? A year after her death, Brazil still grieves (also in Spanish)

In Brazil, training men to curb violence against women (also in Spanish)

Floods and mudslides kill 6 as storm leaves Rio de Janeiro in state of emergency

Brazil puts in place new regulations to keep government data and documents secret

Brazil’s new president loosens gun ownership laws

Federal security force dispatched to stop wave of violence in Brazil’s Ceará state

Fearful that the president will change the law, same-sex couples in Brazil rush to the altar

Far-right populist Jair Bolsonaro wins Brazil presidential election

Brazil presidential candidate fires off insults, praises dictators

Brazil’s presidential election will go to a runoff, but far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro easily wins first round

A deeply divided Brazil goes to the polls Sunday, with Trump-like front-runner stirring passions

Hundreds of thousands of women across Brazil march against far-right presidential candidate

In Brazil’s election, Lula’s out, his surrogate lags in polls, and a right-wing rival is rising since being stabbed

A chronicle of loss at Brazil’s National Museum, much of which was destroyed by fire

Brazilian lawmakers seek to deregulate pesticide use and ban sale of organic produce in major supermarkets

It’s been a deadly season for environmental activists and land defenders in Brazil

Health emergency declared in northern Brazil after measles outbreak

Brazil’s judges duel over whether to release former President Lula from prison

For this transgender men’s team in Brazil, soccer is a path toward self-acceptance (also in Spanish)

They squatted in a government building in Brazil for years. Then they lost everything (also in Spanish)

Brazilian president sends in troops to remove blockages as truck strike paralyzes nation

Escaping Venezuela: They pour into Brazil by the thousands looking for work (also in Spanish)

Brazil’s Lula turns himself in to police, ending dramatic standoff

Tensions escalate in Brazil as Lula refuses to surrender to begin his prison term

Turmoil grows in Brazil as ex-President Lula is ordered to surrender and begin prison sentence

Lula da Silva faces prison after Brazil’s top court rules against him in marathon session

Another week in Rio begins with gunfire and death; army to begin patrolling the city

In Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, one trauma center has become known as the war hospital

Outspoken Rio councilwoman who fought for the marginalized is shot to death; thousands mourn

As yellow fever spreads toward big cities, Brazil struggles to vaccinate millions (also in Spanish)

Brazil called up the military to control violence in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, it’s only gotten worse

In Brazil, where violent deaths of LGBTQ people are on the rise, a shelter opens for youth (also in Spanish)

Women in Brazil launch ‘No Means No’ anti-harassment campaign during Carnival

Brazil has seen a wave of inmate riots. The latest one left 10 people dead.

Despite his corruption conviction, Brazil’s Lula says he’s running for president again. Can he really?

The long, strange political career of Brazil’s Lula: Once soaring in the polls, he’s now headed to prison

At the busiest airport in South America, a cat-and-mouse game to catch cocaine smugglers (also in Spanish)

State of emergency declared in northern Brazilian state as police strike leads to violent crime spike

In a rare court challenge to its abortion ban, Brazil grapples with its own version of Roe vs. Wade

Protesters against inequality occupied vacant land in Brazil. Now they’re a mini-city of 8,000 families

At São Paulo’s police academy, cadets prepare for an unpopular job

L.A. family disappears after pirate raid in Amazon rainforest, then re-emerges on a surfboard (also in Spanish)

Brazilian youths share their take on the volatile political situation in their country

The bodies keep piling up in Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte, one of the most deadly places in the world

Thousands protest ruling to overturn ban on ‘conversion therapy’ for gays and lesbians in Brazil

Brazil’s top prosecutor files criminal charges against two ex-presidents

A recording accidentally attached to an email is the latest twist in the world’s biggest corruption scandal

Months after a prison massacre in Brazil, families are still searching for answers — and bodies (also in Spanish)

Brazilian president survives impeachment vote as debating lawmakers throw punches

A 42-foot, 660-pound balloon is a symbol of Brazil’s problems

Brazil’s Senate votes to end unemployment insurance, extend work hours

Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva convicted of corruption, remains free during appeal

Corruption charge increases pressure on Brazil’s president

Former Rio de Janeiro governor sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption and money laundering

Brazilian authorities move to force drug addicts out of a neighborhood known as Crackland

Desperation is driving an indigenous tribe in Venezuela to make the trek into Brazil

Court rules that Brazilian president can keep his job

Flooding in Brazil leaves tens of thousands homeless, at least seven dead

Bloodshed, fires and chaos as thousands march in Brazil to demand president’s ouster

Soggy protesters demand impeachment of Brazil’s president: ‘We have to fight for better’

Heavily armed gang storms security company in Paraguay and runs off with millions of dollars

An anti-immigration rally in Brazil turns violent

In Brazil, protesters clash with police as a general strike empties schools and brings business to a halt

Brazil’s corruption scandal nabs more politicians, including 8 Cabinet members, and Brazilians cheer

Gunmen on motorcycles in Brazil’s largest city kill nine in less than an hour

From hosting ‘The Apprentice’ to running largest city in the Western Hemisphere

Brazil goes a little less wild for this year’s Carnival

Brazilian Supreme Court justice, who oversaw corruption case, is killed in plane crash

126 inmates still at large in Brazil after a prison riot that left 56 dead

For families of the missing, São Paulo morgues hold few answers

In face of protests, Brazil’s Rousseff offers anti-corruption measures

Hundreds of thousands march against government in Brazil


Global climate strikes: Protesters rally around the world

The Amazon rainforest is on fire. Climate scientists fear a tipping point is near

As Venezuela spirals downward, South America struggles to absorb its migrants and refugees

Trump wants to punish China on trade, but his latest tariffs strike Asian allies instead

‘Women are the backbone of this country’: Thousands across the nation skip work, wear red and rally


The small business solution to saving the Amazon


Brazil’s Indigenous peoples have long united against deforestation

WWF logo

In-depth: Saving the Pantanal

People of the Pantanal

For a ranger in the Pantanal, everything is connected

A new water treatment plant transforms life for a community in the Pantanal

With access to fresh water, a school garden grows

In-depth: The Amazon

Mongabay logo

Amazon fires trigger protests worldwide


After a prison riot threatened their partners’ lives, these two Brazilian women relied on each other for support (Reporting for this story was funded by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.)


Liberals quake as Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s ‘Donald’, takes helm


Running while black


Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro has inspired massive women’s protests, just like Donald Trump

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Protests, anger a month after Brazil activist slain

Still popular, Brazil’s Lula starts serving jail sentence

Brazil’s da Silva first president jailed, but others accused

4 killed, 149 arrested in police operation in Rio

AP Explains: Brazil elections if ex-Prez da Silva is jailed

Brazil’s AG: Court should reject Lula’s effort to avoid jail

Protesters in Brazil commemorate shooting of 13-year-old

Nine deaths reported after rival gangs battle in Brazilian prison

Brazil: Nearly half of women report being sexually harassed


Once wildly popular, Brazil’s da Silva is jailed for graft

Angry supporters of Brazil’s da Silva block exit of union

Brazil’s Lula will turn himself in to police

Brazil’s Lula creates standoff with defiance of prison order

Brazil’s ex-President ‘Lula’ defies court, hunkers down

FIFA waits to find out ‘scale of damage’ at venue

Thousands of workers on strike in Brazil

Brazil protesters keep up pressure on government

Protesters back in streets of Brazilian cities

Brazil government to perform crash tests after AP report

UNHCR logo

São Paulo helps refugees find their feet in Brazil

Brazilian NGO helps refugees get back on career ladder (também em português)

Nigeria wins second Refugees World Cup title in Brazil

The Syrians starting over in Brazil

AQ logo

Craft beer thrives in a Rio de Janeiro favela

Mic logo

Brazil’s MC Soffia is a 13-year-old rapper who makes rhymes to empower black girls


For Syrian refugee, finding a new home through perfume

Perspective: An epidemic of sexual assault on São Paulo public transit

Fortune logo

How the impeachment of Brazil’s president moved from crazy to possible

Zika-linked microcephaly costs are stressing an already strapped Brazil

In Brazil, reelected President Rousseff’s uphill economic battle has just begun

Brazil’s elections put the nation’s economic woes on full display

After World Cup, Brazil’s refugees host their own games

In Brazil, tent cities rise to protest World Cup construction

Brazil launches massive English language crash course for World Cup

USA Today logo

Protesters take to streets in Brazil

A button in Brazil may change a culture

Brazil turns to Catholic Church to quash crack epidemic


Severe year-long drought in São Paulo threatens water supply for eight million


Better the Dilma you know…


These hunter-gatherer tribes have mad video skills


I’ll give you an artist for an engineer: entrepreneurial bartering — A feature about Brazilian stop-motion animation studio Animaking, part of the New Pioneers series.


The Brazil B-school connection — An interview with Alfred Jaeger, Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at McGill University, on what it means for Canada that the country sent 30 university presidents to Brazil on an “international education mission.”


Brazil ballot: Scores of foreigners run for office in local elections — Some 1,450 non-natives are in a race for city council posts, including mayor, in South America’s growing nation of immigrants.

Brazil transport: Mind the gap (PHOTOS) — Brazil’s overloaded infrastructure desperately needs an upgrade. Will the fixes come in time for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics?

Brazil’s anti-poverty plan threatened by global slump — The country struggles to make the most of its recent economic boom.

Brazil gets tough on foreign companies — The move has irked foreign investors — will they stay and pay, or take off?

Você fala inglês, Brasil? — Brazil learns to speak English: Along with the World Cup and the Olympics, English is coming to the Portuguese nation.

A story about Brazilian tribute bands, called Waxing Brazilian, appeared in the March 2011 issue of the magazine.

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Most stories appeared in the print magazine only.

A couple of pieces published online are an art preview about Marlon Wobst and a dance feature about Teatro Alfa.

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Designer Profile: Ronaldo Fraga — Introducing Brazil’s top talent.

Flare logo

São Paulo Fashion Week blogs:

Top 10 Trends at São Paulo Fashion Week — Winter 2011

Day Six: Closing the Week with Cavalera

Day Six: Hats, Part Deux

Day Five: Fur Frenzy

Day Five: Leather and Lace, All Tied Up in a Neat Bow

Day Four: Hats (and Masks) Off to You!

Day Four: You’ve Got Male

Day Three: Cozying Up to Colcci

Day Three: Tip-Top Tailoring and a Comfy Old Sweater

Day Two: Backstage and on the runway with Amapô

Day Two: In Living Colour

Day One: Triton Takes Paris (Hilton)

Day One: A Winter Wonderland